Schlossbauernhof - Organic guesthouse farm with distillery; central Black Forest

Beeing bound to tradition and acting for the future - on the guesthouse farm with it´s own regenerative energy sources and organic agriculture there are several sagas to be told about the former castle Heidburg which was close to the farm in history.Explore the stall and open-air enclosures. Take a look behind the scenes.

Nearby restaurants: Tasting of Black Forest specialities,...

Heart of the farm is the stall with it´s local breed of cattle. Explore this but also the dairy kitchen, the farmer garden with it´s typical mix of vegetables, flowers, berries and herbs and also the open-air enclosures with chicken, goats, rabbits and ponys. Optional: Enjoy a meadow walk with sagas about the former castle Heidburg which stood upon the hill right behind the Schlosshof. Free: Fresh cow milk.

Due to the inherited license a new distillery was built to make schnapps. The farmer´s wife and her mother produce tasty, fruity liqueurs out of it. You are welcome to take a look behind the scenes.

Nearby restaurants: Tasting of Black Forest specialities: Spirits, homemade sausage, organic farm cheese; knight’s meal; cabin eventing with peak panorama; goulash soup over camp fire; snack parlour; altitude café.

Shopping:farm’s own spirits

Daten & Fakten

Länge der Tour: approx. 500 meters; 1/3 mile
Dauer der Tour: approx. 1.5h. Longer upon request.

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Elztal und Seitentäler Kinzigtal 79215 Elzach, 77716 Hofstetten


Guesthouse farm "Schlosshof", campfire site, Schlosshofweg 3, 79215 Elzach-Prechtal


Price on request

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